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What ever the weather...!

Our discussions in the boutique with the constantly changing weather and how do you prepare for all eventualities on your wedding day? 

Perfection would be not to hot, not too sunny, not raining, no wind and hopefully no snow!!!!

So how do you prepare your self against the British weather- apart from disappearing to the Caribbean or a Greek island?!!!! And then it's going to be super hot☀️

It seems it doesn't matter what time of year you choose the weather can be unpredictable, we have beautifully sunny days in November with warm lovely sunshine and then In July we have had torrential downpours for days. 

When choosing your venue it is wise to choose somewhere that would be also a lovely back drop for photos if the worst should happen and it rains all day. Umbrellas are a must if getting outside and having photos done are top of your priority and a bit of rain doesn't scare you (personally I avoid rain as much as possible as my hair goes from smooth and sleek to scarecrow chic in 3 rain drops!!!!!!) 

You really can create some beautiful photos in the rain and getting creative before the day and having a few shots planned for the rain means that should the rain come you have a brilliant plan to enjoy it!!!!! 

Snow on your wedding day can be so super magical and in photos looks incredible, of course with snow comes road closures and people not being able to travel so we see this as probably the most difficult weather to deal with! Choosing a venue where people can stay over the night before and the night of the wedding means if snow is forecasted does mean you are less likely to loose guests to no shows because of the snow!!!Whatever happens and what ever the weather throws at you just embrace it and have fun with it!!!! Try and make the most of the sun/ wind/ rain / snow because this is your 1 wedding day and the weather actually really doesn't matter! What matters is that you have an incredible day, you look around and see everyone you love in one room at one time and your weeks/ months even years worth of planning come down to this moment and nothing could be more perfect that you marrying the love of your life

So go dance in the rain, bask in the sun and wrap up warm in the snow and enjoy your perfect day

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