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Our Annual Pilgrimage

We recently went on our Annual pilgrimage to London to see all things bridal, I mean its a super hard job but some one has to do it!!!!!

We attend the event with a strict budget, a strict dress buying limit and certainly definately NO NEW DESIGNERS............... so you can guess what happened, the budget went out the window, the dress limit was laughed out the door and we couldn't say no to a brand new collection!!!!!

We absolutely LOVED seeing all of the brand new collections from designers who we stock and also being amazed by designers we don't stock because frankly unless you have a size 0 frame and never eat more than a salad that dress is not going to look good, and you know what, we like cake, and we are sure you do too,,,,,,,,,,, even if it is less than us!!!!!

Our weekend started with a trip to see the amazing and wonderful Ian Stuart who never fails to amaze us with his incredible vision and new and exciting ways to create well quite frankly works of art!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His collection this year blew us away and we had to take 24 hours to digest every dress, talk over each one and almost cry when having to leave dresses out of our chosen collection for the boutique.

Before arriving at White gallery we had heard rumours that Randy Fenoli from Say Yes To The Dress would be attending with his brand new bridal collection, so of course we headed over to the stand to meet the man himself, snap a selfie and it would be rude not to look at the dresses........................ here lies my mistake, DO NOT LOOK AT DRESSES ANNABEL!!! we started to see the dresses on and quickly realised this is a collection we were all in love with...... OH NO! we said no new collections, but how couldn't we say yes to the dress, especially with Randy himself!!!!!!!

The amazing Sassi Holford held her catwalk show on Monday and once again the budget and all sense went out of the window..................... it was amazing to see how a designer could produce such different looks but still retaining her core values and signature look. this lady is a bit of a genius if you ask me (plus she told me she can make a bride look 2/3 sizes smaller when we met with her earlier this year- I need this lady to design my every day clothes!!!)

Sassi Holford is a brand new designer to Devlin Bridal Couture, but certainly isn't new to the industry, we have watched Sassi from afar for many years, lusting after her simplistic style, classic detailing and combining that with some pretty awesome fashion forward silhouettes.

Aside from the copius amounts of prosecco that was drunk, the absolute side splitting laughing we did and the celeb spotting we know we worked so hard to bring you the very very best dresses, from the best designers and as always something different from any other bridal boutique,,,,,,,,,,,, after all a Devlin Bridal Couture Bride is beautifully unique bride

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