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The scariest appointment EVER???????

So wedding dress shopping can seem like the most daunting place on earth..... how will I know what will suit me? ........... what happens if nothing fits?????.......... what if the shop people are awful....?........... what pants do I wear???!!!!!!

The list of what ifs, what do I do and ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH is endless!!!! Because let's face it you have probably never done this before..... and if you have done it before, this time is completely different to last time!!!!

You may never have shopped for a wedding dress before but we have!!!! We are fully trained to listen to your likes and dislikes and then turn that into the ultimate dress to blow you away!!! When you come in and visit us we will sit and chat with you for a while about how you see yourself on the day...... are you looking for something grand or understated? are you sparkly or plain? Would you like a princess feel or a more sofisticated elegance? Are there any must haves or must not haves....... even if you do not have the answers to these questions that is AMAZING also as it means we get to help you find out who you are as a bride.

We will pull you a few gowns depending on what you have asked for and start to put gowns on, a wedding dress is like no other garment you will ever wear, it is so self expressive so we can see the outside of how you look, but only you know inside how it feels...... so remember that when putting them on!

Once we have been through the picks your stylist will have a really good idea of what you are loving and not loving, for some girls they quickly realised everything they loved on Pinterest actually is the opposite to what they want after trying on.

We will usually then pull a few more gowns for you to try on, at this point we will usually have a small "short list" which we will then re try...... usually second time or third or fifth you know how they really feel. Hopefully at this point one of the dresses is making you feel like you want to run out of the door and get married right away........! But if it doesn't that is fine as well, not everybody has tears..... not everyone gets the feeling that its THE ONE........... we all react to situations differently, we all have a different buying process, but what is important is that you are able to feel safe knowing you are in an environment where everyone's goal is that you leave feeling beautiful.

Finding your wedding dress in the first shop...... and even the first dress is a reality for brides EVERY DAY, magazines, social media and society have told us we need endless rounds of dress shops, trying a zillion dresses on, can you then even remember that first dress you LOVED? which was probably the one, but you have gone through so many dresses now you cannot remember how you felt in the first shop........! If you fall in love, its a bit like finding your husband to be, you stop looking.............!

Find a shop you like the look of, research online, look at websites, look at their pictures, which designers do they stock? are you liking the crisp clean lines of Sassi Holford? The theatrical edginess of Ian Stuart? The soft boho feel of Watters? The edgy cuts of Lazaro? or maybe you are looking for that traditional look from Chloe Bridals? We choose our designers to not only complement each other but to be the opposite of each other, to allow you as a bride to come in expecting to love one designer but be able to move away from that look if needed and even to the polar opposite!!!!!

Don't be scared of wedding dress shopping, visit a boutique who will take care of you, guide you and most importantly help you to confidently make the best decision and be the most beautiful version of you.

PS don't worry about what pants to wear.................. just as long as you wear some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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