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How many people can I bring with me?

We always advise our brides to bring 1 or 2 people with them for their appointment. You do not need a huge entourage like you see on the TV, this only leads to too many opinions and heartache for the bride.


We find the appointments run best when the bride brings someone who they truly trust. Someone who has the bride’s best interests at heart and won’t try pushing their style or what they imagine the bride should wear.


Your wedding dress is the most self-expressive garment you will ever wear….  So, make sure it expresses you.


Our brides who bring their Mum, Sister, Aunt, Best friend and Mother in Law to be are usually the appointments which run the smoothest. We do have seating for up to 4 people so if you can’t leave anyone out, we ask for you to bring no more than 4 people.

Are children allowed?

Of course, children are allowed!


Most of us are mums ourselves and we understand how difficult it can be to organise childcare, especially when you are probably bringing your most trusted people with you!


If possible we do suggest leaving children at home with your partner etc if at all possible. The appointment will usually go on for 90 minutes (maybe more ) and children can get bored and frustrated easily and you want to be able to focus on your dress, not if your child is okay.


If you do bring children and you bring snacks, please no juice or messy snacks…. (Children don’t tend to understand it’s a room full of ivory and chocolate and wedding dresses do not mix!)

I only have a few weeks until my wedding, can you help?

We can definitely help you still find your perfect dress and have it altered in time for your wedding, we have a range of dresses that are “take me away today “ and our designers also hold extensive stock of our to order range.

How long before my wedding should I buy my dress?

In an ideal world it is never too early to shop for your dress and we suggest going to look for a gown when you are in a position to purchase. This is so you are able to view the greatest range possible and without incurring any rush order fees, so we suggest at least 9 months before.

With covid causing delays globally we do suggest shopping sooner rather than later, 18 months is a good timescale for purchasing your gown to avoid any stress if there are any delays


 If you do not have that amount of time do not panic... We can still help but it may incur a fee for a rush order or you may be able to buy one of our “take me away today “ dresses.

I am terrified of wedding dress shopping,

I have no idea where to start!

We see a lot of brides who worry about choosing their wedding dress, whether this be due to body issues, unsure what will suit or they just feel uncomfortable around people they do not know…


What we want to say to you is please please please try not to be anxious… We are a team of ladies who have an absolute huge passion for what we do. We are not “perfect “ ourselves and understand this is a daunting time.


It is quite normal for a bride to come in to the boutique looking quite terrified but leaving 90 minutes later with a huge smile, along with paperwork for a dress being on order or a dress tucked safely in their hands.


We really do know our stuff here! I always say to our brides, I am not a salesperson, I am a bridal stylist which means my job is to know what will look amazing on you! So, trust us, I promise we will look after you and love you like you’re are our own sister/daughter/mother.

Will my dress fit when it arrives?

Our dresses are made to a standard designers size chart - each designer has a different size chart, this often means alterations are required to get the perfect fit.


We have 3 wonderful seamstresses we love and are happy to give you their information when you collect your dress.


You are in no way obliged to use either of them if you have someone else you would rather use. We usually say allow £200 for alterations (it isn’t usually higher than this unless of course the seamstress has to alter the dress significantly due to weight loss or gain). Our seamstresses often can make a sleeve or strap to be added to a dress (this would be an extra charge) along with standard alterations of body, hem and bustle

What price range are your dresses?

Do you do anything else for the bridal party?

Our dresses range from £1000-£2000 in our to order range with the average being £1300-£1500 and a take me away today range that is less than £1000.

We are a stockist of Mori lee Bridesmaid dresses which are all £225- £275 and available in 50 different colours.

We stock a range of flower girl dresses which are available in a variety of style and colours and priced from £125.

We also stock a full range of veils, tiaras and belts for the bride and we have everything you need to complete your bridal look priced from £80.

How do I pay for my gown?

We usually ask for a to order gown to have a 50%-part payment paid at the time of ordering, we understand that this sometimes isn’t possible, and you would rather spread the cost, please talk to us about this before or during your appointment so we can explain the options you have available with your personal timescale, we always want to make your bridal dreams come true and we are always happy to accommodate however we can


We offer a payment plan in these circumstances where your 50% payment can be split into 3 or 6 monthly payments (wedding date dependant).

On our Take Me Away today gowns we would ask for them to be paid in full when purchasing, we can split the cost over 6 weeks if required.


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